Statement concerning recent events: information on COVID-19

We would like to thank all those individuals who are achieving incredible things in the current coronavirus crisis and who continue to work for the benefit for everyone in Switzerland.
From lorry drivers to healthcare workers and supermarket staff.

Our day-to-day lives may well be restricted by the coronavirus, but our linen weaving mill in Burgdorf and our six laundries continue to be there for you. Because we too want to do our bit in overcoming this difficult situation.

We continue to be on hand to support you, process your enquiries, send you quotes and can currently guarantee the availability of our product range. Although our regional sales managers will not be conducting personal customer consultations with you at this time, they can still be contacted via telephone or e-mail. We truly believe that this is a reasonable solution and that we are still able to provide you with sound assistance despite the circumstances.

You can find your regional sales managers below.

If we work together, we will tackle this enormous challenge! We are a reliable partner, even during this tough time.

We look forward to staying in touch with you.

The Schwob team

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Our sales team

Manuel Küng

Member of the Executive Board
Director of Sales

Robert Fritschi

Regional Sales Manager
Engadin, Aargau, Schaffhausen und Thurgau

Beat Hämmerlin

Regional Sales Manager
Wallis, Berner Oberland und Luzern

David Lecce

Regional Sales Manager

Patrik Locatelli

Regional Sales Manager
Graubünden, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Glarus, Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Appenzell Innerrhoden und Ausserrhoden

Hanspeter Meier

Regional Sales Manager
Zug, Schwyz, Uri und Zürich

Monika Ramke

Key Account Managerin Tessin

Florian Soppelsa

Regional Sales Manager

Stephan Wyss

Regional Sales Manager
Bern, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, Solothurn, Aargau, Luzern, Nidwalden und Obwalden