Schwob AG

Economy - economic sustainability

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Innovation as a core competence
  • Quality management and service quality


For us, success is the result of a healthy balance between the environment, people and the economy. To achieve this, we need to be innovative, leverage our strengths, and think and act sustainably. Our goal is to remain fit for the future. We see our company as a living system that must constantly adapt to changes in the economic, environmental and social environment.

Innovation as a core competence

Only through permanent further development and renewal can a Swiss textile company successfully survive in the market. The aim of innovation is to increase customer benefits and thus also competitiveness. All our activities are focused on the needs and expectations of our customers.

Quality management

Our quality management is based on ISO 9001 and 14001. All our processes, procedures and work equipment are designed to minimise the impact on the environment. This care, combined with a consistent focus on our customers' needs, ensures we deliver above-average service quality.