Environment - ecological sustainability

  • Conservation of resources/water consumption/energy recovery
  • Electricity from 100% hydropower
  • CO2 emissions/climate compatibility
  • Mobility and short distances
  • Durability/recycling
  • Paper and plastics consumption

Conservation of resources/water consumption/energy recovery

Water consumption per kilogram of laundry in a large laundry operation (about 6 litres) is significantly lower than in a small laundry operation or even when using a household washing machine (about 30 litres).

We are proud to obtain 100% of our electricity from hydropower.

In addition, we make every effort to recover energy in our laundries, including in the form of heat. Using the latest technical solutions, we are thus able to reuse the heat of the washing water and reduce energy consumption.

We are constantly investing in state-of-the-art laundry equipment and technologies, which not only saves resources but also reduces energy consumption.

CO2 emissions/climate compatibility

We contribute to sustainably increasing the climate compatibility of our actions. To minimise the impact on the climate and mitigate the negative consequences of climate change, we invest specifically in solutions and measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Mobility and short distances

Our table and bed linen is woven and finished in Switzerland. We can find the right laundry for each customer in their local area, either one of our own laundries or one of our many partner laundries. This way we guarantee short transport distances. Our fleet complies with the latest Euro standards.

Product longevity/recycling

Since we produce all our table and bed linen in Burgdorf, we can guarantee consistently high quality and durability. Proper care in the laundry makes our textiles even more durable. We also take back the textiles at the end of the lease and recycle them.

Paper and plastics consumption

We try to reduce our daily paper consumption by emailing order confirmations and invoices to our customers. In addition, we avoid plastic packaging and film in our laundries wherever possible.