A single source for professional textile care throughout Switzerland

This strategic decision offers several advantages: One is the elimination of common interface problems between the laundry and textile suppliers. In the event of a complaint, the customer is looked after by a single point of contact and reciprocal “finger-pointing” becomes a thing of the past. At Schwob the customer has a single contact person, regardless of whether the problem involves laundry or textiles.

Moreover, at Schwob it is easy to replace damaged textiles with new ones – once a product has been woven it can simply be manufactured again in the future. This ensures that textiles and their care are sustainable. A large number of major names throughout Switzerland are impressed by both the service they receive and the financial advantage of this approach.

This enables hoteliers and hosts to fulfil their responsibilities and also gain a competitive advantage in a number of ways: They provide their guests with hygienically perfect conditions and profit from longer-lasting linen and increased profitability.

Schwob Hygienekonzept