With the Schwob full leased linen service, you get more for your money

The full leased linen service offered by Schwob AG means that customers only pay per kilo or item of linen washed, eliminating the costs of staff, textiles, warehousing, electricity, detergent and repairs. This is why more and more hoteliers and restaurateurs are opting for an external laundry service.

Schwob AG collects the laundry directly from the customer, processes and checks it, replaces any damaged items and delivers the freshly laundered textiles on schedule.

Your 10 key advantages when using the full leased linen service:

  1. No capital costs tied up:
    You have no investment or maintenance costs for machinery and equipment.
  2. Investments and provisions:
    You don‘t need to make any fi nancial investment or set aside provisions for buying textiles. 
  3. Premises:
    You can convert the area used for your inhouse laundry into incomegenerating guest rooms, e.g. for seminars or overnight accommodation.
  4. No fixed costs:
    You only have variable costs, and only if you also generate sales.
  5. Energy:
    You can save on the costs for electricity, water, etc. and thereby simultaneously reduce the CO2 emissions of your business.
  6. Staff costs:
    You reduce your staff costs signifi cantly.
  7. Quality and hygiene guarantee:
    You always receive your desired level of quality.
  8. Security of supply:
    Whether in the main or off-peak season, you‘ll always have enough linen available – including during peak periods and at short notice.
  9. Time saving:
    You can also focus on your core competency as a host.
  10. Cost transparency:
    You substantially reduce your administrative costs.

Moreover, Schwob AG offers this profes sional service throughout Switzerland and can satisfy all regional needs through its own sites and selected partner laundries.

Our regional sales managers will conduct an in-depth on-site analysis – at any time and without obligation – to show you where you can reduce costs. Prepare to be surprised by the opportunities for savings and ensuring quality!