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Purchasing: Uncompromising quality.
Hotel and restaurant owners who source their textiles from Schwob AG have some very good reasons for doing so – attractive design, best Swiss quality, maximum flexibility and short delivery times encourage businesses to buy textiles from Schwob. Our modern in-house manufacturing facilities and wide range meet all the requirements of our discerning customers.

Full leased linen service: Focus on your core competencies, reduce costs
Customers who use our full leased linen service pay only per kilo of linen washed, thus eliminating the expense of staff, equipment, storage, electricity, detergent or repairs. This service can even be provided for individual customer concepts. Hotel and restaurant operators have recognized the advantages, and there is a very clear trend towards opting for an external laundry service. Schwob AG collects the laundry, processes and checks it, replaces any damag - ed items and delivers fresh supplies at the agreed time. This allows our customers to focus entirely on their core competencies. Our consultants can conduct an on-site analysis, showing you where you can reduce costs and discovering hidden potential – all with no obligation.

Choose your financing option: the flexible and affordable way to finance textiles
Schwob AG also sees itself as an advisor and problem-solver when it comes to financing. Fully external financing makes things easier for the customer, conserving capital. Fixed payment instalments mean that expenditure can be planned, and payments are only due when the textiles are used. The lease payments are also fully tax-deductible as operating expenses.

Event linens: the answer for special occasions
Whether you’re experiencing bottlenecks or putting on a special event, Schwob AG will rent out high-quality linen for a pre-defined period. This service is charged per item and day. We have warehousing throughout Switzerland and can therefore meet requirements quickly and comprehensively.

Laundry service: Customer’s own laundry
Schwob AG collects your laundry, delivered duty paid, and then returns the cleaned textiles – completely tailored to your needs. Whether individually folded, specially ironed or separately packed – Schwob AG will satisfy your wishes in a professional manner. So your own laundry is in safe hands.