A weaving mill with leading-edge technology – a single point of contact

Linen has been woven in the Emmental region for hundreds of years. Schwob AG has continued this tradition to the present day and combines it with leading-edge technology. It’s a winning combination. Today the company in Burgdorf is one of the leading national and international suppliers of high-quality textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare institutions.

The high-tech linen weaving mill is one of the most productive in Europe. Eleven electronic jacquard machines coordinate about 70.000 individually controlled threads. This comprehensive and extremely sophisticated single-thread operation means that our customers can let their imagination run wild. Schwob AG can produce individual designs, unusual effects, personalized logos and more in relatively small volumes. Manufacturers in China tend to laugh at customers who only want 200 metres of a particular fabric. The response in Burgdorf, on the other hand, is: “Our pleasure, when would you like us to deliver?”

However, the above-average standard of technology in the weaving mill is not enough on its own to manufacture individual products down to the last detail. This is why our specialized employees in the fi nishing department sew, cut and fi nalize our textiles painstakingly by hand.

Qualified advisors, administrators, designers and production experts (weaving mill), fi nishers, quality controllers and shippers ensure that the high quality standards demanded by Schwob AG are met. We received Oeko-Tex certification many years ago, and in 2010 were also awarded ISO 9001 certifi cation. The team performs every step of the work process with professionalism and dedication, from material procurement, design, production and processing to delivery, with a package of services optimized for all aspects of table, bed, kitchen and bath linen.