The art of cutting
It is only when the individual sections of fabric are cut to size in line with the fabric grain that they are restored to their perfect shape after washing. Heavy fabrics are cut by hand whilst others are divided along the grain line in cutting machines.

Handicraft and high tech
Skilled seamstresses not only use traditional sewing machines but also various specialist equipment such as hemstitching, buttonhole and fringing machines. This is the ultimate in handicraft. The side seams of the bed fittings are sewn together in seconds with a sealing machine. The computer-controlled multiheaded embroidery machines furnish towels, bed and table linen with logos, names and monograms in the blink of an eye. The long seam machine divides the cloth width and sews both long sides simultaneously. It only takes three minutes to finish off 100 linear metres. The cross seam machine cuts and sews bed and table linen in a single operation, enabling up to 2200 napkins a day to be produced, for example.