Schwob AG

Quality and the environment

Quality and environmental management are accorded great importance at Schwob AG. Because quality in terms of durability and finish is our primary sales argument, we continuously invest in new technologies. In the textile manufacturing sector this means investments in new weaving machines or state-of-the-art finishing equipment; at the Schwob laundries the main focus is on technically advanced machinery and energy recovery.

Ecology as a company value
Our broad range of measures in the interests of ecology and the associated certifications bear testimony to our commitment to eco-friendly processes. We are proud of the fact that our electricity, for instance, is sourced 100% from hydropower. In addition, we signed a long-term agreement with a progressive Swiss energy company that provides certified green power for all Schwob locations.

Organic linen
In our linen weaving mill we produce table and bed linen from certified organic.

Our environmental policy: An extract from the Schwob AG mission statement
We take an active stance on environmental issues across our area of activity and take the action required to satisfy the relevant legal regulations. The Executive Board and all members of management serve as role models by demonstrating this environmental policy through their own actions.

Human Resources:
We motivate and encourage our employees to behave in an environmentally responsible manner and expect them to minimise their energy and water consumption and the volume of waste they produce.

In addition to periodically monitoring and optimising our process, product and service quality with regard to environmental impact, we also work at improving resource consumption.