Encasing 21087

Quality:  21087
Material: 70% polyester / 30% polyamid
Microfibre fleece made of EVOLON
Weight: about 100 g/m2

matress protector


pillow protector

90x190 cm
90x200 cm
100x200 cm
120x200 cm
140x200 cm
160x200 cm
180x200 cm
200x200 cm

50x70 cm
60x60 cm
65x65 cm
60x90 cm
65x100 cm


Protection against house dust and mould  with no added chemicals, particularly suitable for people with allergies or asthma.

  • Particularly breathable
  • No plastic rustling noise – absolutely
  • odour-neutral
  • Pleasantly soft
  • Can be boil-washed, quick drying
  • Extra sleeping comfort
  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Very good wicking properties

The presence of mattress and pillow covers is now awarded 10 and 5 points  
respectively in the hotel classification

Color:  white 10100

Laundry instructions