Premium Duvet 21191

Quality:  21191
Cover: 100 % cotton downbatiste
with Aloe Vera finishing

65% down / 35% Outlast® Viscose
(new white down and feathers, class 1, 
90 % down/10 % feathers) 


160x210 cm (780 g)


Benefits of Outlast®:

  • Regulates temperature and moisture content for more restful sleep
  • Duvet adapts optimally to thermal requirements
  • Reduces excessive sweating and cooling
  • Cosy down quilt made of innovative temperature-regulating fibre
  • Anti-static
  • Outlast fibre was originally developed for NASA
  • Optimised box quilting for the ideal distribution of down and feathers
  • RDS-certified down**
Color: white 10100

Laundry instructions

*RDS = Responsible Down Standard:
The aim of the “Responsible Down Standard” is to ensure that the birds in the down supply chain are treated humanely. The standard covers the entire supply chain for down and feathers beginning with hatching, through to slaughtering, manufacturing finished products and retailing.